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Global Solar Panels (Pty) Ltd is the leading turn-key supplier of solar panels in South Africa. As a specialist in ground mount, roof mount solar, and custom designed specialty solar structures, GSP focuses on providing best-in-class solar panels from all over the world.

Why Choose Us?

With The Combinaion of heritage excellence in solar engineering and South African innovation, Global Solar Panels has experienced exponential growth since its launch and is now among the top solar panels providers in Africa, with systems installed in 34 countries.

Free Support & Delivery Services

Our team of engineers will provide you with all the technical support needed and ensure successful completion of all projects and depending on your geographical location, we will offer you the best and fastest delivery (takes upto 3 days max) service in South Africa.

  • Aquasol 180W Panels

    A180-XC 180 watt high voltage solar panel used for borehole pumps and high voltage swimming pool pumps.

    Polycrystelline Solar Cell

    156mm x 78mm


    1000V DC Max voltage

  • 25 Enersol 310W Panels

    E305-HT 310 watt reliable energy Grade A high quality solar panels designed for off-grid and rooftop applications.

    0/+5Wp Power Tolerance

    72 (6 x 12) Cells

    27kg (Each)

    10 Years Product Warranty

  • FG Wilson F35-1 Generator

    FG Wilson F35-1 is a standby generator that kicks in clean power to keep you going soon as electricity shuts down.

    38.8kVA Standby Rating

    38kVA Prime Rating

    DCP10 Auto-Start

    20 Years Guarantee

  • Sunweb 340watt Panel

    Sunweb 340W KLP6 60-340/3AA high voltage panels with 30% more efficiency than ordinary standard panels

    340W Max Power (PMAX)


    60V Voc

    Monocrystalline silicon Cell

  • Renogy Solar Kit

    Renology 320W 12 Volt Solar Kit is efficient and intuitive with multiple electronic protection at all times.

    Monocrystalline Solar Cell

    Rover 40A Charge Controller

    10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit

    Mounting Z Brakets

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We secure stock at all times and guaranty your peace of mind on last minute orders. We offer custom made solutions to suit any project. Regardless of how tight is your timeline, Global Solar Panels (Pty) Ltd will ensure that your goods will be delivered to you in just 3 working days. Trading with us grants your business access to exclusive deals and offers. They are released periodically and made available for our clients.

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